My son, T.J. signed up to join the Air Force while at Covington High School at the age of 17. He left for San Antonio, Texas for Basic Training where he became element leader. After basic he was assigned to Tech School in Biloxi, Mississippi. It was here he met his future wife Chelsea who is also in the Air Force.

T.J. was transferred to Las Vegas, where Chelsea would soon join him. While in Las Vegas, T.J. became part of an elite group called the Honor Guard. He participated in weddings, ceremonies, funerals, retirements, and presented colors at a NASCAR event.
Evan, our first grandson, was born in Las Vegas. It seems like only yesterday that they laid T.J. in my arms.

T.J. was my first born and came into this world on November 4th, 1988. At the age of 6 days, T.J. had to have surgery. I laid him in a nurses arms not knowing if he was going to come back to me. While I was waiting in his hospital room that day, a bird flew up and perched outside T.J.’s window in the cold rain. It sat there for over an hour while my son was in surgery. The telephone rang and a voice on the line said “T.J. did great and is on his way up from recovery. As T.J. came in to through the door, the bird flew in a circle, came by his window and then flew off.

21 Years later T.J. is now being deployed to Kyrgyzstan. As his sisters and I say goodbye and drive across the bridge, we all notice a large military plane with a big white star flying directly beside us. It crossed the road behind us, circles and comes up beside us again. Tears roll down my cheeks as we go through the tunnel and it takes me back 21 years earlier and I realize the “bird” has just gotten bigger.

Someone is watching over him and he will com e back to me very soon.

Kristi Dressler

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